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A Little About REVINRE

What is REVINRE?

REVINRE is a contraction for the phrase - revolution in real estate - because we are revolutionizing the delivery of real estate services. REVINRE exposes what really works to affect a sale in today’s market and gives it all to any seller, with no gimmicks or restrictions — all residential properties qualify — for free. REVINRE is a “direct-to-consumer” model for real estate brokerage. The actual seller and/or buyer of real estate is our customer, unlike virtually all other real estate companies that proudly boast that “the agent” is their customer. Up until now, a seller of residential real estate had only 2 options:

  • To sell the property on his own, what we call “for sale by owner”, assuming all costs and associated risks.
  • - or -

  • list with an agent and agree to pay a commission or a fee for what is often an unspecified list of marketing activities.

Technology has placed in the hands of all consumers a great deal of information and linked together buyers and sellers of almost all goods and services. Our “revolution” does this for a real estate transaction.


REVINRE uses existing systems and enhances them through human resources to offer a very complete listing service package to sellers for free. By using this website, any seller can walk through 5 easy steps, complete with instruction to list their home. Our Client Services staff then confirms the data input with the seller and uploads the property to the MLS and the leading real estate websites, and fulfills all other service offerings, providing exposure to all potential buyers and real estate agents in the market area. Because REVINRE asks sellers to sign only an “exclusive agency” agreement (as opposed to an “exclusive right to sell” agreement used by almost all agents), REVINRE sellers reserve the right to sell their property on their own and pay no “buy side” commission. If a licensed agent brings a REVINRE seller an acceptable offer, the seller agrees to pay the customary buy side commission. In any case, offers can be presented directly to the seller, or the seller can elect to have a licensed agent from REVINRE at their side to advise them. All needed paperwork is available to the seller on this website.

“Why wouldn’t any and every seller use the REVINRE system?”

The only disadvantage is that if a seller elects our free service, there will be no listing agent in the sense that most people would know. We do offer agent assistance at any time as well as the option to convert to a traditional listing with the associated commission, and receive credit against that commission for any fees the seller may have paid to REVINRE. So, we see no real disadvantage. That is not to say that many sellers will not still choose to turn the entire process over to an agent and pay the associated commission. We hope that by providing the option we do, those sellers choosing to list with a traditional agent will choose the real experts in the industry—REVINRE can help with this choice—and not just someone to whom they may feel some personal or business obligation or who may have sent them a refrigerator magnet.

So, before you list your property with any agent and obligate yourself to what is usually a “customary” commission or even try it on your own, REVINRE strongly encourages you to look at what we offer. You’ll see that you have very little to do. Depending on the extent to which you may choose to “stage” the property, the entire process takes very little time. You may still choose a traditional brokered route with an agent. But if you weigh the real service level and cost of a traditional agent against REVINRE’s free service, you will see the substantial savings in going with the REVINRE system.

List for FREE with REVINRE — and just think of what you can do with the thousands you will save!

To get started selling your home for FREE with REVINRE, go to our Sell page.

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