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What is REVINRE?

REVINRE is a contraction for the phrase - revolution in real estate - because we are revolutionizing the delivery of real estate services. REVINRE exposes what really works to affect a sale in today’s market and gives it all to any seller, with no gimmicks or restrictions — all residential properties qualify — for free. REVINRE is a “direct-to-consumer” model for real estate brokerage.

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Before you list your property with any agent and obligate yourself to what is usually a “customary” commission or even try it on your own, REVINRE strongly encourages you to look at what we offer. You’ll see that you have very little to do. Depending on the extent to which you may choose to “stage” the property, the entire process takes very little time. You may still choose a traditional brokered route with an agent. But if you weigh the real service level and cost of a traditional agent against REVINRE’s free service, you will see the substantial savings in going with the REVINRE system.

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